Questions & answers

What is a hackathon? 

A hackathon is a problem-solving event where people with different skills collaborate in teams to develop a working prototype to a specific problem during a defined time frame (e.g. 48h). It is considered to be a playful and effective method to spark creativity and new ideas.

How much does it cost to join Hack the Pandemic?

Hack the Pandemic is a free event for its participants.

Do I need programming skills to participate? 

Absolutely not. Different skills are required inside a team, and coding is just one of them. People with marketing, business development, design and other knowledge are needed and very welcome to join.

Can I participate even if I am not based in Uppsala? 

Of course! The entire event will be ONLINE so you can participate from anywhere you want

Can I sign up as an individual?

Yes! You start by signing up as an individual but you will need to form or integrate a team to participate in the hackathon as only teams will be admitted

Can I sign up with my team?

Pre-formed teams are welcome, but everyone has to sign up individually for the event. Pre-existing teams are also free to incorporate new people in case they want to bring new participants on board.

How big should the teams be? 

A team is a minimum of 2 people. 

Will there be prizes for the winners?

Yes. These will be announced closer to the hackathon start

Where is the Hackathon taking place ? 

Due to Covid restrictions Hack the Pandemic will be a cyber event. . We use Slack as our hackathon communications tool.

I do not have an idea, can I still participate? 

There will be time to brainstorm ideas and innovate within each challenge

Who will be in the Jury? 

The Jury will be composed of subject-matter experts from our case challenge providing organizations as well as representatives from our sponsor & partner organizations

Will there be any mentors that will help us during the hackathon?

Yes! A variety of mentors from different fields will be helping teams throughout the event48 hours is not enough time, will it be possible to work afterwards? Winners will be awarded with the possibility of further developing the solution along with the case provider that created the challenge. The further development will depend on the team and the fit of the solution presented with the agenda of the organization. All code developed will be uploaded to our GitHub so that the community can continue developing them!

Who owns the Intellectual Property Rights of Hackathon Projects?

All ideas , codes and Hackathon material will be opensource and can be used by everyone prioritising idea and product owners.