How to participate

Are you an innovative problem solver? A curious mind? Are you ready to take on meaningful challenges on your shoulders? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, The World needs you!

Is it for you?Let’s find out!

We are looking for superheroes like, subject matter experts, product designers, marketing experts, data analysis, brainstormers, sustainability activists,social scientists, students, and many more who can swoop in and collaborate to save our world from the effects of the pandemic.

How will it works?
This hackathon is based on building solutions to the challenges provided by our Case Contributors. The format of the event is "from idea to prototype" of a solution that you and your team develop. The event lasts for 48hrs but preregistration is required. The steps need to be followed are the following:

  • Registration
  • Ideation and team matchmaking
  • Idea submission
  • Hacking
  • Prize ceremony

More detailed information is coming below:

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Hack the Pandemic , is based on creating solutions or ideas  to 5 challenges of some key actors in our region.  The final event will  lasts for 48hrs and the solutions accepted will be in a form of power point  presentation, a short film and if possible on a technical development which can be presented by the end ot the event. The steps need to be followed are the coming ones:  

  1. Individual registration: You can register from now until 23rd of April 2021. As a participant, you register individually on the current website. Once you register you will receive confirmation  as well as an e-mail guiding you on the next steps. 
  2. Inspiration & team matchmaking: over the coming dayd we will have two short information meetings. There you can meet us and our partners.  The hackathon challenges can be found directly on the Hackathons website - and you can start thinking on them already after your registration.  For our communication , further information and team making etc we will be using Slack. All participants registered will be invited to join the Hackathons Slack group. There  you will be able to brainstorm and discuss your ideas with fellow participants, join a team or start a new one! More info will come soon.
  3. Idea submission: On 23rd of April until  25th  of April 2021 will be the final phase of the event.  These two days will be intensive from all participants- hackers, organisers , partners and mentors. These days you can find , or join new teams, work on new ideas, get mentorship , brainstorm and think together with sustainability, innovation and health experts and develop your idea further.  You have to submit your idea, on the site of Sustainability InnoCenter.More information on where you will submit your ideas as well as the judgement criteria will come over the coming days. Do not forget that In the submission you have to include:  a ) your teammates and (their names, backgrounds  and contact details - a team should be composed of a minimum of two persons) , 2) answer on 5 main questions related to the challenge you chose as well as the judgment criteria, 3 ) a short film presenting your idea , 5 ) a max 4 slide power presentation. The teams that have succeeded to provide an MVP at the end of the Hackathon it will be considered in the final evaluation.
  4. Final Hacking/idea making : April  23rd, 18.00 - April 25th, 16.00 Check out the schedule to see the full outline of the event.
  5. Prize ceremony: After the evaluation of the submissions of the jury  and on 25th of April (e.g final Hackathon date) ,there will be some inspirational presentations by the events partners and right after there will be a selection of the three winners and the prize ceremony. Winning teams and entry will have the possibility to work on their ideas financed by the Hackathon partners ,get advice on IP rights on place, get advise on the continuation of the ideas as well as get some very nice presents.
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Registrations start

From 15th of March you can express your interest by registering your participation on event platform. Feel free to choose one of the challenges presented and bring up your team.  If you do not have a team , please join our Slack group to find other team members as well as get all the information needed during the hack days. 

Looking forward to see you!


Opening of the Hackathon!

In the Opening Ceremony, we will cover:

  • The general chat channel etiquette everyone needs to follow during the event
  • The event schedule, highlighting the major deadlines
  • Prize categories
  • How to reach out to the organizers in case of questions

Presentation of the Challenges

The Challenge owners have already presented their challenges on the event platform.

More information on each challenge will be also added on Slack.

At 19:00 o'clock , we will have an open zoom channel where Hackers can meet the challenge owners for asking general questions.   Please note that more specific questions to the challenge owners will be done in separate digital channels.  The challenge owners will also be available on our Slack group to answer to your questions.  For the information meetings we use zoom. Do feel free to install to you computers in case you do not have it. 


Networking activity - TeamBuild up

Hackers after they have listened to the challenges, will start working on their ideas. Teams can be continuously formed via our Slack channel. Some of you have their own ideas and teams and some others are willing to join teams. If interested in joining a team please shout out loud in Slack so others can see you that you are looking to strengthen your team with other competences.  

If you need any help from the organizers , you know where to find us.

Start thinking of your ideas and see you tomorrow!!

Hackers, continue building up your teams and start thinking of your ideas. Sleep on them ...and see you tomorrow

Good morning Hackers!

Continue thinking on your solutions after the first mentor check point you had yesterday! :). And see you in a bit!!

Some of our partners present themselves!

Feel free to take a brake (grab a coffee and a sandwich )  and listen to some short presentations of the Hackathon partners .

Mentor checkpoint 1

Each team will have one or more private mentors. Each mentor will have a slot where the team will need to join and discuss with their mentors and challenge owners on their ideas, get feedback and ask questions. 

You can find more information on Slack. 

Digital Seminar and lunch

This is the time we all need to have our lunch. Why not to combine your lunch together  with an interesting seminar on Lean process? Negentropy AB and Christina Kouvela (also presenting the SenseTive Challenge) will give us a few minutes inspirational presentation on the Lean method. 


Teams continue hacking

Open slot for questions

This is the open Slots for any questions to the Hackathon coordinators. It is Saturday evening so why not to combine it with some music , a glass of wine and some chips? We can' go out anyway :-)


Hey there are you awake ?

We hope you have now started formulating your thoughts. Feel free to chat with any of us on Slack if you need any more information! 

We can have some private chats if you are interested. Always with a cup of coffee!!

Mentor checkpoint 2

Teams will have a second round of meetings with their mentors , and if needed the challenge owners.  We will use zoom for these meetings. 

Digital lunch

Bring your lunch in front of your screens and lets have a zoom lunch together. Will be fun to meet you!


Communication with challenge owners and mentors

Teams can feel free to communicate with the challenge owners and mentors separately!Teams can start finalizing their ideas , come in contact with the challenge owners and their mentors . Time is approaching so use your time wisely!

Submission of the solutions

By this time all teams need to submit their ideas. Each team will need to provide a max 6 minute film where you present your team , the challenge you have chosen, your solution, and how you envision your next steps. You also need to answer briefly the questions that will provided in the chat booth.

Jury goes through the submitted ideas

The jury members will start receiving your ideas and will have half a day to adjust their time for the judgement. 

The three finalists will not be announced today. 

Open room for the teams and closing the day

At this open room participants can meet and have open discussions. We will also close the day so we have time to go through and evaluate your submissions.

Jury sends their score to the coordinators

By this time the jury will have sent their score and comments to the Hackathon coordinators.  The coordinators will gather all the judgments and will come with a final score to the top three submissions 

Presentation of the TOP 3 solutions.

The Top  3 selected challenges (those which scored higher from the jury)  will be invited to talk about their ideas live!

Announcement of the Hack the Pandemic Winners

Post Hackathon process!

After the hackathon:Partners support the finalist teams in developing the ideas into useful solutions .