Prevent outspread on transport 

A global health crisis of the magnitude we are experiencing has not struck the international community for over a century. In this unprecedented crisis, all countries and all areas of our daily life are profoundly affected and in disarray. The sole weapon we currently possess against the virus is to constrain human contact as far as possible. Health workers are the undisputed heroes of the current struggle. Not far after them come the delivery professionals who deliver food supplies to supermarkets, bus and taxi drivers who relay doctors and nurses to their workplace in hospitals, the ship crews that keep supply chains from faltering entirely, and the pilots who are flying stranded travellers home come not far behind. In the situations of NEW NORMAL, how can you make sustainable yet efficient transportation? How can you NUDGE society to move to sustainable transport systems in the times of PANDEMIC?

Background information

Cities are challenged to effectively contribute to climate and environmental targets regarding CO2 emissions, air quality, pollutants and noise from motorized transport vehicles while, at the same time, ensuring a balanced development and use of transport access and connectivity choices. A core objective is to enable and encourage the necessary shift towards more sustainable mobility modes. At the same time the use of public and domestic transport can be a factor for the virus spread.  

Folkhälsomyndigheten has announced some guidelines on how to use public transport(when needed)that all need to follow and respect. Such information can be found HERE

Besides UL - Uppsala's county public transport unit keeps a well planned communication strategy (some info can be found HERE) which is many cases is not as effective as wished. On the other hand it is hard to put a whole society a total stop - citizens still need to use pubic transport at a regional (city) level when no other transport option exist - but they have to get protected.

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The Challenge

How digital nudging can be used as a way to influence behaviours in different domains so that people can use public transport in a regional level and the same time keep themselves safe?

Alternatively what combinations of public  vs individual transport (e.g bikes ) can be encouraged in order to keep a safe and  sustainable society. What kind of gamification actions, nudges or behavioural economics  strategies need to be considered so that citizens can feel free to use domestic transport or bikes under the period of the Pandemic.

More information is coming soon....

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